9 Time Management Tips We Need at Work

9 Time Management Tips We Need at Work

Time Management is one of the career management factors that is oftentimes neglected. Because of the different concerns we encounter every day, we often misconstrued urgent things as important. We usually give more time to unimportant things over those things that we truly need. We might be unaware that most of the activities we prioritize are not doing anything for the improvement of our career.

No matter how knowledgeable we are, if we didn’t give enough time on our goal, there is a great chance of failing at the end. Undoubtedly, there are no other things that can substitute for giving enough time and focus on a certain endeavor.

How Do We Effectively Implement Time Management?

It is a given fact that we only have 24 hours in a day and we have other mandatory activities that we could not set off for another schedule. We need to sleep because our body requires it for our own health. We need to allocate time to do some personal necessities. For me, the biggest time-consuming activity is traveling from home to work and Vice-Versa.

Why We Don’t Have Enough Time

I deeply understand when friends would inquire about the process of working online, ask endless questions and yet after a lengthy conversation which consumes most of your free time, they would tell you that they couldn’t do it because of lack of time.

Like anyone else, I also have a full-time job – day job. An 8 to 5 work which I need to allocate appropriate time. We are in a situation when we need to make the most of our limited time.

We are probably in the same situation. Perhaps, you are also aiming to find an additional source of income. Or probably, you are also trying to find something great like earning 6 digits per month. Whatever reason we may have, we are on the same boat. We are here to discover where online activities can lead us. The only difference is the strategies we apply.

Time constraint will always be a reason, though, for me, it is not a valid excuse. I always believe that if we want something, we will always find a way.

I have been in the government service for more than eight years. As an officer, I could be assigned anywhere. In fact, I have been transferred ten times in the span of 8 years in service. We cannot question that because that is our commitment upon appointment.

One critical issue that I encountered was being assigned to a place where there was no internet connection available. During that time, I would rely on my pocket wifi. The connection was really slow that it would take some time before I could upload anything. But that circumstance did not discourage me from pursuing my goal. Instead, I continue searching for ways in order to continue my work.

Time Management is an Essential Element

If we are going to wait for the right time or should I say, for the time that we are no longer busy, I tell you, that won’t come. Time will never be enough. We won’t be able to cope with our commitments. We can never start reaching our goals and before we knew it, we are in the same position as we were before. No improvement at all and worst, others had already gone miles away, while we were unable to make the first step.

Just like money, time is a very important thing that we should learn to handle properly. We have to learn to live with the limited time that we have. We have to acquire time management skills. The time that passed can no longer be recovered. We should make use of every second wisely. As the saying goes, “time is gold.”

There’s no reason for us not to be successful while others can. We were all given 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year.

How Effective Is Our Time Management Strategy?

Struggling to meet the required output at a given time? Here are the 9 Time Management Strategies that may be of help for you to harness the outstanding result despite limited time.

1. Set and Follow Schedule

Having a detailed list of what-to-do and when-to-do will save us more time than trying to do whatever comes in. Setting a schedule for every task we have to accomplish will help us do the right thing at the right time. There are different ways to achieve a well-planned set of actions.

  • Using a Calendar

I mean a typical calendar. We can print a monthly calendar, write everything we need and place it on our calendar. We can also use a mobile device to schedule our activities.

Using an app such as Google Calendar, Co-Scheduler, TailWind and other online applications which can help us in the scheduling and carrying out of tasks is a wise thing to do.

2. Prioritization

Setting a priority will help us identify which activities we need to do at a given time. I personally use the Urgent vs Important Matrix developed by Dwight D. Eisenhower when making decisions.

The matrix has four quadrants, the important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important and not important, not urgent.

  • Important and Urgent

This includes activities that need immediate attention. These are activities that have the greatest impact on our current situation and need to be accomplished immediately. This may include deadlines, emergencies, meetings, and preparations.

  • Important but not Urgent

Activities that fall into this category are those that are needed but does not need to be accomplished immediately. This may include activities such as education, preventive activities, trainings, planning, and monitoring.

  • Urgent but not Important

These are activities that seem to be urgent but does not in any way help us in the attainment of our goal. We often, misconstrued that these things are important so we tend to give them priority over some more important matters. Examples of activities under this category are interruptions such as phone calls, unannounced visits, and notifications.

  • Unimportant and Not Urgent

This includes activities that are completely unnecessary and should not be given attention at all. This may include activities such as trivia, games, indotogel and other activities that are not needed in order to achieve our goals. We should avoid these activities.

3. Delegate Not-So-Important Tasks

There are tasks that less important and can be delegated to other members of the group in order for us to give more focus and concentration on more important tasks. Simple tasks that do not require much of our attention can be assigned to other family members.

4. Hire a Virtual Assistant

There may be some tasks that can give a better result if done by those individuals who are expert on the field. Example, you need quality graphics but you don’t have the skill. If we can accomplish more by outsourcing this task, then that would be a wise decision to make.

5. Use Your Time off

For people who are aiming to accomplish more things, we can make use of our breaks and time offs. Time is important in accomplishing our goals and we can slash some time from our breaks in order to accomplish more important things.

6. Use Portable Gadgets for Working

I am using this method in order to accomplish more things. Because I need to travel to and from work every day, I decided to make use of my commute time to be able to accomplish more tasks.

7. Using Online Tools

There are online applications and programs that can help us accomplish more things. Using some of these apps for the fast completion of tasks can be a wise thing to do.

8. Working With a Group

A group with similar interests is an effective way of maximizing the use of our time. for example, we need new ideas on a certain subject. Aside from conducting research, we can solicit the ideas of the group.

9. Multitasking

Accomplishing two or three tasks at a given time is helpful. Though, I don’t encourage everyone to do this because others may tend to produce low-quality outputs when trying to multi-task. Assess yourself before trying out this method.

On the final thought

We cannot afford to add more time in order to get enough. The amount of time given to us is fixed and cannot be extended. But we can always make a way to make the most of what we have. We only need to be resourceful in order to finish the things required of us in time.