How Would You Define an Ideal Career?

How Would You Define an Ideal Career?

What would usually come into your mind when you heard the word ideal career? Most people would probably associate it with the current job, occupation or profession of an individual. It is the procedure we adopt in order to address a situation, the action we took throughout our life or at a certain point.

It is an individual’s choice of action for their personal growth and development. It can be an occupation, practice of a profession, business or any activity that can bring a purposeful life to an individual.

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Career Choice

Career choice may vary with each individual. Several factors can contribute to how we make our decisions. This may include family influence, personal skill, ability, and education. The current and projected job availability are also factors affecting the decision of individuals especially those who are about to enter college. Moreover, our current life situation has a great influence on what path we intend to pursue.

Most people would like to have a job after studying while a few prefer to set up their own business. There are several people who continuously aim for higher levels while others are contented on their current position in the organization.

Our choices and actions are shaped by our goals. When we aim for greater things, we certainly put in more effort.

Career Success

Success in a career does not always equate with how much we earn. Success varies in every individual. Some individuals are happy earning a little amount so long as they are doing what they love. On example of this are those doctors who choose to serve those people from remote areas despite the small salary.

Some people devote their time in the name of public service despite the fact that they won’t be able to earn a high amount from performing their skills.

On the other hand, there are those who are working really hard in order to achieve their goals. Our goals define our own success.

Would You Rather Be Employed or Managed a Business?

Most people choose to be employed and stay with their chosen company until retirement. In the Philippine setting, the unemployment rate has recently gone down to 5.4 percent in September of the current year, 2018 compared 5.6 percent during the same period in 2017. Meaning, there is an increase in the number of employed individuals in the country.

In the business sector, the 2016 Annual Survey of the Philippines Business Industry shows that there are 1,196 business establishments with total employment of 20 and over in the formal sector of the economy under Transportation and Storage sector.

While there are big industries in the country, there are even more establishments that belong to micro and small and medium enterprises (MSME) which comprise the 915,726 business establishments in the Philippines. Statistics show that 99.57% of all businesses in the country are MSMEs.

Would You Choose an Online Career?

With the development of the new technology, people started to discover new opportunities apart from the one they grew up with. Different jobs and business opportunities were made available to the people from all over the world including the Philippines. Slowly, people turned to online working especially those individuals who prefer to work from home. Seeing the great opportunities, more and more individuals started to explore the online field as a new career direction.

At the current time, there is an increase in the number of people who are pursuing an online career.

Online career, like that of the offline world, is also offering a variety of careers an individual could pursue. There are job opportunities as well as business opportunities. The difference is that we can do these inside our own home and we can work at our own time.

One of the advantages of this opportunity is being able to work without facing traffic-related problems. Not only that they can save on time, but they can also save on travel expenses.

Furthermore, people who work online enjoy the freedom and the benefits of being their own boss.

What is the Integral Element of an Ideal Career

Our life is surrounded by different elements. Our dreams, the reality, and the time. We started by having a dream. At a certain point, we will come into a realization that our dreams may be far from reality. Moreover, we will discern that time is a very limited element.

Visioning is the foundation in achieving an ideal career. We dreamt of having a nice house, our own car, of traveling around the world and have the luxuries in life. However, as we started building our dream, we come to a point of realization that these things may never come true and worst, we might not have enough time.

Conversely, it doesn’t mean that it is hard, it is impossible. The question is, are you willing to take the risks in order to achieve your dreams? Or you are contented to stay to wherever you are at present? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve those dreams?

Every one of us is looking for a career that will give us the income that will allow us to live a decent life. Doing something that we love and give us satisfaction are important factors to consider when aiming to have an ideal career.

On the final thought

We are given freedom of choice. To choose which career path to follow. As long as we are ready to face the challenges and to accept the consequence of our actions, we are free to decide on which career to pursue.

Choose whatever career that will make you feel complete. After all, it is our life and we must be in charge of it. An ideal career is one that will make us happy. The key to a successful career is to define what you really want and work hard until you reached your goal.