Crello – Free Online Graphic Design Software

Crello - Free Online Graphic Design Software

Creativity is an essential skill in blogging. Not only that you could deliver an amazing article, but you should also have to match it with equally appealing blog graphics and images. But what if you don’t have an advanced designing skill? Worry no more, Crello would be the perfect tool that you need.

I have mentioned that I have been using Canva for most of my blog graphics. For someone who has no to little knowledge in design, Canva is a reliable tool which can pretty much help bloggers come up with amazing images and graphics for their blog. The ease of use makes it the most popular online design tool. Then, I came across this new design tool that has been recently introduced and considered by many as a new competitor of Canva – Crello. The site is almost identical to Canva aside from various features only available to this site.

What is Crello?

Crello is a visual editor introduced by Depositphotos. The site gives its users access to 60 million photos, 11 thousand templates, and 33 design formats. The site is easy to use and the process is simple.

When to Use Crello?

If you are an individual who has a keen attention to details, this is a perfect site for you.

Types of Membership

Crello offers two types of membership, namely: the Free and the Pro Membership.

1. Free Members

Free members have access to all the photos and can use stock photos at a minimal amount of $0.99 which can be saved and be used for different projects. Though being a free member might not be able to download the animated videos and they can download the animated GIFs with their logo.

2. Pro Members

On the other hand being a Pro Member offers more advanced features. A Pro member can:

  • Use templates without branding
  • Enjoy animated objects
  • Resize three animated formats
  • Get early access to new pro features

Pro member can be billed either on a monthly basis or annually. For monthly billing option, the member will have to pay $9.99 per month. While for annual billing option, the member will pay $8.30 per month which is billed annually for $99.60. This is equivalent to $1.69 monthly savings or a total of $20.28 annual savings.

The User Interface

The user interface of the site is very simple and easy-to-use. Even if we don’t have formal training in design, we can easily create awesome graphics and designs because of the drag and drop feature which is so easy that even a beginner could do.

What Types of Projects We Can Do With Crello?

Whether we are planning to create projects for marketing or for personal use, Crello offers a wide array of templates for the following purposes:

1. Digital Ads

With the current trend in advertising, it is a perfect place to create advertising materials such as banners, email marketing templates, classified ads, etc. There are different designs where you could choose from.

2. Print Materials

Invitations, business cards, postcard, gift certificate, flyers, and other marketing templates are readily available. Creating these materials is so easy. Just edit and tweak and you’re ready to go.

3. Social Media Posts

If you are planning to create Instagram posts, Facebook post or would like to create awesome Pinterest Graphics and Tumblr Graphics as well, Crello is ready with their stunning designs.

4. Blogging

Bloggers will surely love these template made readily available for them. Templates include blog title, graphics, and image posts.

5. Animated Posts

This is one of the unique features of this app which cannot be found in other design tools available online. Animated post with a size of 1080 x 1080 pixels is available even for free members to use. While full HD video and animated Facebook Video Cover are available for Pro members. If you want to stand out from the rest, take advantage of using the animated posts. You can be assured of getting the attention that you want. The more engaging your posts can be, the more retention and thus, the higher the engagement and conversion.

How to Start Using Crello

The basic thing we need to do is to create an account with Crello. If you don’t have an account yet, got to

1. Create an Account

Then, we need to fill out the sign-up form that can be found on the site.

2. Decide what you want to do

What would you be using the project for? Once you are decided, start your own design.

Choose from the ready-made templates or start from scratch. As mentioned above, there are 38 design formats which are available for members. Just choose which suits your best.

3. Create Your First Project

Click Create a Design and choose from the 38 available formats. You can also set your own dimension.

4. Choose the size

You can make use of the standard size or you can set your own size. We can adjust the design we created into another size. This feature is helpful for social media promotions wherein we need different sizes depending on the site we need to upload our content to.

5. Edit you Design

Choose your own background, set the fonts, attach stickers or images. You can make use of the different templates available or you can upload your own images.

Benefits of Using Crello

One of the benefits of using the site is the availability of animated designs. Though the full HD video and the Facebook Video cover are available only for Pro Member, the free members can still use the 1080 x 108 pixels animated design with the site’s logo in it.

Another advantage of using this app is the option to create as many folders as you want. This feature is limited in Canva as they only limit 2 folders for free members.

Ultimately the site has the option to upload any font you need. You can upload an OTF or TTF file.

Things to Consider Before Using the App

Some features that may not be available as of the time of writing this post are as follows:

  • You cannot post directly to social media the projects you created. You need to download.
  • It has no mobile app as of yet.

On the final thought…

With the increasing competition online, it is imperative that we learn and upgrade our knowledge and skills when it comes to designing and organizing. For design needs, Crello is a good option to consider.